Osmanlı Padişahı 1. Mehmet Dönemi (İngilizce)

Osmanlı Padişahı 1. Mehmet Dönemi (İngilizce)

Çelebi Mehmet ();(r.1413-1421)

Ottoman power expanded only slightly during the eight years of Mehmed’s rule. A truce with the Karamanoğlu was arranged in 1414, stabilizing conditions in Anatolia. But the campaigns in Walachia (1416) and Transylvania (1419) had no lasting importance. A dervish revolt in İzmir led by a certain Şeyh (Sheikh) Bedreddin in 1419 was soon suppressed; it deserves mention as the first of many similar popular revolts that were to disturb Anatolia for the next two centuries. When Mehmed died in 1421 the empire had more or less been restored to what it was before Timur’s invasion, but it is wrong to describe him as its second founder, as the older historians frequently did. The fact is that at no time had either Asia or Europe lost continuity of Ottoman rule, nor did there emerge any power of equal strength to challenge this rule or to take advantage of the civil wars for its own benefit. Mehmed merely overcame the centrifugal pull to which all such adventitiously constructed states are subject; that he did it within the context of a civil war in no way heightens his achievement.


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